A Better Grade

The last task for the excavator was to open up a “back entrance” to the Logger’s Retreat.

Prior to the fire, the only way to get heavy equipment like the Bobcat into the area behind the garage (including the path to the picnic area) was to actually drive through the garage itself.  The original owners had built a third garage door into the back of the garage specifically for this purpose.

While we still had the excavator available, we rearranged boulders in that area to create an additional driveway.

Image of a new dirt road edged with boulders
The new driveway where it meets the old path to the picnic area.  The stump visible at lower left is from the first of the two Ponderosa Pines we felled.

This new driveway meets the forest service fire road right next to where the old Sea Train storage container used to sit.

Image of the fire road with a new driveway leading off to the right
The new driveway meets the fire road at the right. In this image you can also see the broken remains of the large oak tree that was directly behind the storage container

We are currently exploring the possibility of adding living space above the Logger’s Retreat garage.  If that becomes a reality, we’ll use this new “back entrance” as the main driveway for that second residence.

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